Melton Borough Council

Brexit and food businesses

We are currently in a transition period.

Food businesses that deal with the EU, either as a supplier or customer are strongly recommended to prepare for this transition.

To assist business in finding out how they may be affected and what steps they can take, the Government has published advice on their website, which focuses specifically on the food and drink sector.  There is also information available on imports and exports after Brexit.  

In addition, the Food Standards Agency has food sector specific advice on their own website.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) have created a series of podcasts to help industry prepare for Brexit, which can be accessed here or by searching "Defra podcasts" on SoundCloud. Topics currently include exporting, tariffs and agri-food sector, trade agreements and the agri-food sector, food labelling and chemicals

For more information about brexit, for both individuals and businesses, visit the Brexit homepage.