Melton Borough Council

Register a food business

Register a food business

If you are starting a food business in our council area, or taking over an existing one you must register with us.

You do not have to be a company or make a profit to be classed as a food business.  It covers a variety of activities ranging from large food factories to people who bake cakes at home to sell, and voluntary groups who cook meals for other people.  One-off catering, such as school fêtes are unlikely to need registering as there has to be a degree of continuity to it. 

All you need to do is complete the electronic form above or print off and complete a hard copy of the registration form and send this to us.  There is no charge for registration.  We will then likely need to carry out an inspection.  Forms can be emailed to us if you are unable to post. 

Please note that when submitting the registration form any personal information you give to us is covered by the Environmental Health Privacy Notice

If you run a mobile business, such as a burger van or ice cream van then you need to register wherever the van is parked overnight.

New businesses

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have produced a useful booklet on starting a food business and what you need to do.  

You can also get general business help and advice from the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership

Catering businesses will likely need to complete a copy of Safer Food Better Businesses.  You can download it for free from the FSA's website.  Alternatively you can design your own risk assessment system based on the principles of HACCP

Products of animal origin and 'approved premises' 

Some food businesses that are making products of animal origin (such as cheese or meat based products) and who sell these to other businesses or outside the area, may need to be approved by us instead.  See the next page for more details