Melton Borough Council

Purpose and objectives of the planning system

Planning is defined as "the control of the use of land in the public interest."

Public interest is a matter of some contention, and can often extend far beyond the locality of a proposal onto a regional, national or even international basis. It is significant to bear this in mind in dealing with any aspect of the planning system - from strategic level plans to individual planning applications -as it influences the way the Council considers the issues and the matters that can be taken into account. It is also important because often the issues raised by the public (especially in the context of planning applications) frequently relate to private issues in respect of which the planning system has very little remit.

The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development.

Sustainable development is defined in the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012) as:

Sustainable means ensuring that better lives for ourselves don’t mean worse lives for future generations.

Development means growth. We must accommodate the new ways by which we will earn our living in a competitive world. We must house a rising population, which is living longer and wants to make new choices. We must respond to the changes that new technologies offer us. Our lives, and the places in which we live them, can be better, but they will certainly be worse if things stagnate.