Melton Borough Council

All Council Tax bills in the Melton Borough are showing a 3.1% increase for the LCC element of the 2018/19 bill. The bill should show a 3.0% increase.

The error has occurred with the percentage comparison of the LCC elements in the 2018/19 bill with the 2017/18 bill. Please be assured that the charges within the bill are correct.

Landscape planning


The Council is likely to require landscaping works to be carried out on most new development where planning permission is required. Unless a detailed landscaping scheme is submitted as part of the planning application, the requirement for such a scheme would usually bey required by a condition attached to a planning permission.

Such conditions would usually require full details of landscaping proposals to be formulated and agreed (with the Council) before the development proceeds. This may include a requirement for planting schedules, boundary and surface treatments and maintenance regimes. There is also usually a requirement to maintain the landscaping for a period to ensure that any planting and landscaping that fails is replaced to ensure its long term effectiveness.