Melton Borough Council

Home working - permitted development

Although planning permission is usually required for the change of use of a building or land, permission may not be required for home-working if the business use does not cause a material change in the use of the premises.  For example planning permission would not normally be required for the use of a single room in a dwelling house as an office or for child-minding or a play group. Use of a small part of a house as a bed-sit or for bed and breakfast would similarly not normally require permission.

However, should a business or non-residential use cease to be ancillary to the building’s prime use as a dwelling house, for example, if there is growth and intensification of the business use which results in an increase in visitors, traffic, noise or fumes over and above what would normally be expected from the building’s use as a private dwelling, then there may be a need for planning permission. The Council will determine whether planning permission is required in such cases.

To avoid wasted expenditure anyone considering working from home should seek advice from the Borough Council at an early stage and preferably before commencement of a business use.