Melton Borough Council

When planning permission is required

When planning permission is required, it is the Borough Council’s policy to encourage home-working so long as there is no loss of residential amenities to adjacent properties, the use does not detract from the residential character of the area, satisfactory access and parking provision is available, and any adverse environmental impact can be minimised.

The size of a property may be a significant factor in relation to the impact of the business. Operating from a large house or a house in extensive grounds is less likely to cause an adverse impact on adjoining properties.

Planning policy includes policies in favour of B1 use (light industrial uses) as defined in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes Order (amended) 2005) from residential properties within Melton Mowbray and villages in the Borough.  However, when granting any planning permission, the Council will be concerned to ensure that neighbouring properties and the local environment are not adversely affected and may therefore impose conditions as appropriate to include control of the following;

  • times of operation;
  • road safety and parking provision;
  • noise emission;
  • numbers of personnel employed;
  • permitted development rights;
  • the period of consent (to assess any effects of the business);
  • landscaping and boundary treatment.