Melton Borough Council

Voluntary sector - printing and copying service

We are able to offer a photocopying/printing service to the community and voluntary sector within the Borough.

To use our reprographics service, your organisation must be included on an approved list held by the Chief Executive and the work must impact on our priorities and key services.

The council's priorities are within the areas of place, people and an agile council.

To apply for inclusion on the approved list please complete and return the application form.

Each approved organisation is entitled to 4 x free of charge photocopying jobs per year. Each job to be of reasonable size and not exceed 1000 copies. 

Delivery and collection of documents is your responsibility. 

We will provide black and white photocopying/printing on white A4 or A3 paper together with a collation and stapling function.

Any photocopying/printing for an approved organisation would not include any anti-lobbying literature against the council 

In return for this help, we would like the copied work to include an acknowledgement of our support.

For further information relating to this service please see guidance on the next page or email