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Uk Wide, National and Regional Referendum

The political Parties, elections and Referendums Act 2000(PPERA)establishes a fixed legal framework for the conduct of any referendum held across the UK, or a referendum held in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.  It also applies to regional referendums within England. No referendums have yet been held under this legislation. However a recent Act of Parliament has enabled the holding of referendums on regional assemblies in England.                                         

Mayoral Referendums

The Local Government Act 2000 set out a major change in the way local authorities in England and Wales are run.  Local authorities consult on which arrangements local people want. If there is a proposal to have a mayor, the local authority must hold a binding referendum. Many Councils in England have already conducted consultation with local people on this issue.  Local residents can also require a mayoral referendum by organising a petition signed by 5% of the local electors or more (10% in Wales).

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Other Referendums 

Referendums are now regularly used by local councils to test public opinion on local issues.  The referendums are not regulated by law and we have no responsibility for the content or other aspects of such referendums.

Referendum results