Melton Borough Council

Noise nuisance


Report a nuisance

Noise or unwanted sound can cause annoyance, stress and in extreme circumstances, sleep deprivation.  Environmental Health can investigate the causes of nuisance and try and resolve matters informally, or resort to legal means if we need to.

We deal with a wide range of noise issues, including:

  • Building sites and noise from DIY
  • Crowing cockerels
  • Loud music in domestic properties
  • Barking dogs
  • Pubs, clubs and commercial premises
  • Car and intruder alarms
  • Bird scarers


If your complaint relates to a Council property then please contact our antisocial behaviour team instead.

What is meant by ‘statutory nuisance’?

Statutory nuisance is often described as an unreasonable interference with the enjoyment of your property. It must occur regularly and must continue for a time that makes it unreasonable.

Audible intruder alarms

To find out how to notify us of your audible intruder alarm and who the keyholders are in case it goes off and causes a nuisance, please click on the next page.

Out of hours


Please note that we do not offer an out of hours service. Complaints will be investigated the following working day.