Melton Borough Council

Noise nuisance

Audible intruder alarms

Audible intruder alarms can sometimes cause a nuisance to neighbours when they are activated.  

To help ensure alarms can be silenced as soon as possible, we maintain a record of nominated keyholders who can enter the premises shut it off.  

Tell us about your alarm keyholder contact details


Please note that when submitting this form any personal information you give to us is covered by the Environmental Health Privacy Notice

The information will be stored on a secure database and the details will not be released to anyone other than Environmental Health staff.

If you have an intruder alarm installed, you are required to ensure that it meets BS 4737 for the installation, operation and maintenance of the alarm and that the alarm has a 20 minute cut-off device fitted, however new installations need to consider British Standard EN50131/PD6662 which requires a 15-minute cut-off device.

What happens if my alarm sounds, but there is no-one to silence it?

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 enables an officer from Melton Borough Council to obtain a warrant from the Magistrates' Court to enter the premises and carry out such works as are necessary to silence the alarm. Costs incurred, including any necessary to make repairs subsequent to this entry, may be re-charged to you.  

We therefore strongly recommend you let us know of your nominated keyholders.