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Crowing cockerels

Report a nuisance

Crowing cockerels can occasionally cause a nuisance to neighbours. Our officers will need to establish whether the cockerel constitutes a Statutory Nuisance.

Factors considered

In considering whether a Statutory Nuisance exists an Environmental Health Officer will consider the following factors: 

  • Source of noise
  • Environment of noise
  • Duration of crowing
  • Time of day of crowing
  • How often it occurs

Practical measures to minimise crowing

Several measures can be used to minimise cockerel crowing:

  1. Location of the cockerel - It is important to ensure that the cockerel is located as far away as practicable from neighbouring residential properties
  2. Competition - Other cockerels in the area will cause them to compete with each other and may result in excess crowing.
  3. Housing - Keep the coop as dark as possible to minimise early morning crowing as a cockerel will crow when light enters the coop. The coop ceiling can also be lowered to prevent the cockerel throwing back its head and crowing.