Melton Borough Council

Noise from car and intruder alarms

Report a nuisance

Car alarms and intruder alarms are valuable deterrents against theft and burglary, but if left unattended the noise from these alarms can cause distress to neighbours.

Car Alarms

How to avoid problems with your alarms:

Car alarms can be activated when the car battery is running flat, in strong winds or even when cats jump on them. If your car alarm keeps going off, or will not switch off automatically after 20 minutes, it can cause a noise nuisance to your neighbours. To avoid this you should:

  • have the alarm system serviced and repaired by a competent alarm engineer
  • have a cut out fitted to the alarm system and audible warning device that will silence the alarm not more than 20 minutes after the first sound
  • alternatively, disconnect the alarm system until it has been repaired
  • always ensure that your windows are fully closed when locking the car as wind entering the car can easily set off the alarm.

Domestic intruder alarm

If you have a domestic intruder alarm then please see our section on notifying us of your contact details so that, should your alarm go off and cause a nuisance, we know who to contact. Please note that when submitting this form any personal information you give to us is covered by the Environmental Health Privacy Notice

In the event that your alarm is activated and does not shut off within 20 minutes, it will enable us to contact the appropriate person to ensure that the noise does not become a nuisance. 

If you have an intruder alarm installed, you are required to ensure that it meets BS 4737 for the installation, operation and maintenance of the alarm and that the alarm has a 20 minute cut-off device fitted, however new installations need to consider British Standard EN50131/PD6662 which requires a 15-minute cut-off device.

If we do not have your contact details:

Building alarms and audible intruder alarms can cause considerable noise disturbance if left to sound excessively. In these circumstances we can also serve a notice, but before we can enter the premises to disable the alarm we must first obtain a magistrates' warrant. This adds to the time taken to deal with the problem.

Bothered by a noisy car or intruder alarm?

If an alarm is going off and it is causing a nuisance then make a complaint on 01664 502502 providing the location and as much detail as you can on the owner.

We will investigate and try and contact the owner.  If they are not contactable then we can obtain a warrant from the Magistrates to enter the property or vehicle to disable the alarm.