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Public Consultation On The Emerging Options Draft Plan Is Now Closed

Consultation on the 'Emerging Options ' Local Plan ran from January-April 2016 and has now closed. However you can view and download the emerging options Local Plan here 

Melton Borough Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan which will shape development in the borough for the next 20 years.  This plan will have a vital role in ensuring sustainable growth in the borough, and delivering much needed housing and infrastructure. This plan will set the parameters for new development, ensuring the best quality development for the borough.  Key issues contained in the plan include:

  • Numbers of housing to be built in the borough
  • Distribution of housing
  • Delivery of key infrastructure, including a potential Melton Mowbray relief road

The Melton Local Plan will sit alongside national guidance as contained in the NPPF and NPPG and Neighbourhood Plans created by  communities within the Borough to form the development plan. The development plan contains the policies which by which  planning applications applications will be decided.

It is vital that during the creation of this plan, residents, businesses and stakeholders from within the borough make their voices heard. There are a number of opportunities to make comments on the plan before it is finalised and adopted, which can be found on the consultation page here.

The Council is considering all the comments made to the consultation on the Emerging Options Draft Plan on 27th July (View here) and at future meetings.

It will produce a further version of the plan, revised to take account of the comments received and additional information, in the Autumn of 2016. This version will also be the subject of extensive consultation. The next stages are set out on the ‘timeline’ tab.