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English & Maths



Qdos Training offer English, Maths and ICT qualifications from Entry Level 1 up to Level 2 (GCSE).


Functional skills qualifications will make you more attractive to employers because you will have an up to date practical qualification that proves you can use English and Maths for business purposes.


English Skills

These skills help build the confidence of an individual while reading, writing, speaking and listening.  It helps effective communication where information can be passed clearly through either speaking or writing.  It helps to be able to understand information and act appropriately.  It helps to make presentations, write reports, take part in group discussions and analyse ideas and information.  It helps to enable you to present information in logical sequence, in the correct format using correct grammar.  These are skills that businesses require and are crying out for.


Maths Skills

These skills help to understand various mathematical concepts, and also how to apply them.  It helps increase analytical, problem solving and reasoning skills, identify errors and validate results.  It help use numbers and calculations to process data, solve complex problems and helps with logical working, interpretation and comparison of results in various forms like tables, graphs, charts and diagrams.  Again, essential skills for business.


Digital/ICT Skills

ICT stands for 'Information Communication Technology'. Everyday usage of digital technology includes when you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone, send email, browse the internet - these are all examples of using basic ICT skills and technology to communicate. With more employers requiring online applications/CV's etc it is becoming a vital skill to have.


Not sure of your current skill set?

Qdos Training provide everyone with an initial diagnostic test which assesses your current skill set. This is available to all and helps determine which level you are working towards.

For more information simply drop in to Me and My Learning or get in touch through our contacts page.