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Mental Health Support

We have a variety of serivce providers who can support you with varying Mental Health needs. The service you require will depend on your level of need:

Low Level


Access All Areas provides gentle information, advice and guidance services especially for clients who need extra support. Depression, anxiety or loss of personal confidence, they can support you whatever your personal situations by helping you plan with a coaching package.

To start with, you will meet your guidance adviser who is specifically trained in supporting your individual needs. We will then discuss your hopes and concerns around training, education or work.

Your adviser understands mental health issues, and will help you form an action plan to move your life in the direction of your choice. You decide on the level of support or service, and your adviser will guide you with one to one appointments or group work sessions.

Sessions included:

  • Job seeking
  • interview support
  • completing interviews and forms
  • confidence building
  • coping with low self-esteem
  • opportunity awareness
  • back in to Learning
  • self-employment

Once you are registered with us, you will receive regular appointments with in work/education support if needed.

Your advisor will put you at the heart of the planning process, together you work towards achieving your career goal. For more information click

Medium Level


Aspiro Mental Health Employment Service is available to anyone who has used or is currently using specialist i.e. secondary mental health services. The service is supported by the belief that working and learning can be very good for an individual's ongoing mental health recovery and can improve their confidence and quality of life.

Aspiro provide mentoring that is proven to help you overcome barriers to working by building coping mechanisms and strategies for staying well at work, so you can start a job and sustain employment. In-work support mentoring is available to our customers who achieve job starts through our Mental Health Employment Service. Mentoring is available to purchase by individuals with a Personal Budget or self fund.


High Level



MHMs fully trained, dedicated, experienced and caring staff work with partner organisations to deliver comprehensive services to meet a full range of personal needs in a seamless manner to help vulnerable people to develop, ‘recover’ and move on to independent living whenever possible.

We provide support to thousands of people every year, covering many aspects of their lives: from psychological and well-being therapeutic recovery interventions through to everyday employment, housing, independent and community support needs. We aim to enable each individual to recover and / or move towards their own independence and well-being.

MHM also seeks to strengthen the voice, rights and independence of our users, their carers and their friends and families and to challenge the stigmas and negative attitudes that are still associated with mental health, learning disability and addiction.




Let's Talk-Wellbeing is a service that provides psychological assessment and treatment for what are known as mild to moderate common mental health problems. 1 in 4 of us will suffer with one of these health problems at some stage in our lives .It is normal to experience changes in your mood and behaviour at times of stress and emotional upset. Your physical health may also affect your mood and stress levels. If these changes continue to affect you, then the Let's Talk-Wellbeing service could help.

Let's Talk-Wellbeing provide specialised skilled and accredited practitioners who are able to provide psychological therapies (talking therapies) for people experiencing common difficulties including depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma and stress.

A range of different treatment approaches are used, including one to one appointments, group workshops, self-help books, leaflets, online and telephone support.

If you feel you require the Let's Talk-Wellbeing service contact us at Me & My Learning. Alternatively, you can complete a self-referral form directly to Let's Talk-Wellbeing here