Melton Borough Council

Council manages finances well

Published Monday, 29th June 2015

Melton Borough Council has drawn up its draft accounts for 2014/15 and once again has managed its finances well despite the many cost pressures it faced.

The provisional year end position shows a positive position against the budget available which has been achieved through flexible and robust budget management process being embedded across the council enabling any increase in costs to be offset by savings elsewhere. This management approach has produced once again a very healthy end of year position and represents a tremendous achievement for the Council in such economically challenging times with the continued funding pressures the Council is facing.

In addition the Council has been proactive and forward thinking in identifying savings across services which have helped ensure continued delivery against its priorities. This leaves the Council in a stronger position to cope with the ongoing significant cuts to the income it receives from central government. 

Whilst the economy is showing signs of recovery the Council is not confident that income streams have fully stabilised and these will need to continue to be carefully monitored. it 
The Leader of the Council Byron Rhodes stated “This is welcome news Officers have worked hard to effectively manage all the expenditure under their control. It means we have a good start for this financial year and are in a stronger position to manage the future cuts in government funding.”