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Published Wednesday, 5th October 2016

The Council hosts a question and answer session called the Community Forum.

This is an open public meeting for all residents, businesses and community groups in the Borough who want to help shape and improve the locality.  It is an opportunity for local people to meet Councillors and officers of the Council to discuss important issues affecting the local area.

If you have a question for the next Community Forum that is to take place on Monday 17 October 2016 at     6 p.m. at Parkside, let the Council know via Twitter, Facebook or go to the weblink and fill in the form:

Issues raised at previous sessions include local transport, access to broadband, healthy eating, car parking charges and the living wage.

Councillor Pam Posnett, Leader of the Council said

'This is an important event for Councillors and we welcome the chance to respond to questions and we see it as a way of finding out what people think about Council services as well as understanding concerns and this all helps to inform future decisions that affect us all.  I urge people to come along and take part in this Community Forum'

For more information please contact:

Sarah Evans
Senior Democracy Officer
Melton Borough Council
telephone: 01664 502441