Melton Borough Council

Two Minute Silence Campaign – Friday 11 November 2016

Published Thursday, 3rd November 2016

A request has been received from the National President of the Royal British Legion that a nationwide observance of the Two Minutes Silence be upheld again this year.

The Mayor, Councillor David Wright said

“With the assistance of the RAVC Defence Animal Centre and co-operation from Melton Mowbray Town Estate, I have arranged for two maroons to be fired in the Play Close, Melton Mowbray on Friday 11 November 2016 at 11 a.m. and 11.02 a.m. respectively to mark the beginning and end of the two minute silence.

The timing of the event will be taken from the St. Mary's Church clock, on the first strike of 11 a.m. the first maroon will be fired and the second exactly two minutes later.” 

The maroons will be fired by a member of the Army personnel from the Defence Animal Centre in the presence of the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Tejpal Bains.  The Mayor will be in attendance at the service taking place outside the Royal British Legion Headquarters.