Melton Borough Council

Melton Local Plan reaches next key stage

Published Tuesday, 8th November 2016

Melton Borough Council has reached a key stage in the progress towards a new Local Plan.

We have reached a major milestone and on 8TH November published the ‘Pre Submission’ Draft Plan. The Council has entered a consultation period as required by legislation for 6 weeks, extending to December 19th.

The document sets out what we believe is the best approach to addressing the issues which will affect the future of the Borough, and seeks opinions on them. The Melton Local Plan, once in place, will provide the framework for the provision of the Borough’s development needs - where the housing, retail and business needs of the community will be provided and how important countryside, ecological and heritage features will be protected.  

Our Reference Groups and other forums have helped us arrive at what we believe to be the best way of tackling the key issues for Melton.   

We hope you can take the time to respond to this consultation.

The draft plan includes policies and proposals for the Borough up to 2036 which cover the following key areas:

  • Provision of housing land for 6125 houses, with a 65/35% split between the town and villages and 2 major Sustainable Neighbourhoods providing most of the growth in Melton Mowbray
  • Key infrastructure provision – the incorporation of two legs of the Melton distributor road as parts of the new development, and an explanation on how these can be connected to the east of the town to provide a complete solution to the town’s traffic problems.
  • Employment land of sufficient quantity and quality in key locations to allow businesses to start up, grow or relocate.
  • A dispersed approach to housing in villages so that it is focussed on the most sustainable locations, whilst also allowing a relaxation in smaller villages to allow some modest growth.
  • A suite of environmental polices that protect our countryside and historic assets whilst allowing the countryside to remain a place where agriculture and business can flourish.
  • The expectations for the provision of infrastructure and for the development of the Community Infrastructure Levy to assist their realisation.
  • Sites for housing, set out on a site by site basis, and alongside are a set of polices that make specific provisions for circumstances related to the location or the site concerned.
  • Policy which sets out the level of provision for affordable housing including starter homes, for future generations of home owners. 

The Draft Plan also considers the infrastructure and facilities which will be needed to support the Borough, including proposals for traffic alleviation in Melton Mowbray. This identifies essential new or improved infrastructure which will be required to support the scale and pattern of growth included in the plan.

The Plan is available online  along with a link to all of the documents that have helped us to reach this stage. The website has a series of Frequently Asked Questions which provide more information about the Local Plan, how to get involved in the consultation and what the next steps are.

There will also be a number of public events where our staff will be available to discuss the documents and the issues they contain, and to offer assistance to those wishing to make representations 

 Address  Date  Times
 Gaddesby Village Hall  16th November  4pm - 8pm
 Old Dalby Village Hall  22nd November   3pm - 7pm
 Harby Village Hall  23rd November  4pm - 8pm
 Melton Mowbray Parkside  29th November  10am - 7pm

Following this consultation, all responses will be considered before a final version is submitted to Government for Examination.

Consultation runs until 19th December 2016 so we hope there is ample opportunity for people to have their say. Get involved in the Melton Local Plan – the Borough’s future!