Melton Borough Council

Council Tax Proposals

Published Monday, 20th February 2017

At the meeting of the Council on 23rd February, 2017 Melton Borough Council will consider formally its Council Tax for 2017/18 following the setting of its budget earlier in the month.

Melton Council has lost grant from the government of £933k between 2015/16 and 2019/20, which is a 42% reduction in the main grant the council receives from the government. This is in addition to the previous reductions of £1.9m or 57% over the period 2010/11 to 2015/16.

In order to help rural councils such as Melton manage these future cuts in grant the Government is allowing them to increase their average council tax by a flat rate of £5 a year.Therefore, due to the ongoing funding pressures being faced Melton Borough Council have approved a 2.69% increase in Council Tax for Borough Council purposes in order to support the continued delivery of key services. This is an increase of £5 per annum or just under 10p per week in an average Borough Council Band D property. This also results in a balanced budget showing that the Council has lived within its means.

The Leader of the Council, Pam Posnett, said:

“I am pleased to present the budget and Council Tax proposals to Full Council being my first budget as Leader. The Council has continued to manage its finances well against a background of reduced government grant. As we move forward I shall continue to  look to how the council can maximise its income and grow its economy through initiatives such as the Melton Community Lottery  in order to support those in the community that are most in  need.”


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