Melton Borough Council

Council Manages Finances Well

Published Monday, 3rd July 2017

Melton Borough Council has drawn up its draft accounts for 2016/17 and once again has managed its finances well despite the many cost pressures it faced.

Overall despite continued funding pressures the Council as a whole has managed its budgets prudently which is evident in the underspend position for the year. The provisional year end position has shown that flexible budget management processes and the good working relationships and partnership between all officers of the Council has enabled increased costs to be offset by savings elsewhere. This represents a tremendous achievement for the Council in such economically challenging times

The Council has been proactive and forward thinking in identifying savings across services which have helped ensure continued delivery against its priorities. Melton will need to continue to focus on where we can look to make savings, generate more income or look at identifying alternative funding in order to cope with the ongoing significant cuts to the income it receives from central government.

The Leader of the Council Joe Orson stated “This is welcome news but there is still much work to be done to achieve a secure financial future for the Council.  The Council continues to face an extremely challenging financial position and in order to meet these challenges I am working with officers to deliver the efficiency plan that has been developed which sets out a range of measures and options for ensuring the council can continue to live within its means. As central government funding declines raising more income will become a key priority for the council if we are to protect against cuts to those services the public value the most. As such the emphasis within the efficiency plan continues to be to look to reduce costs and generate additional income as a priority over service reductions, although recognising that unfortunately, ultimately this may be necessary in some lower priority areas”


For more information please contact:
Dawn Garton
Head of Central Services
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