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Clean up operation a huge success!

Published Thursday, 31st August 2017
Skip with waste from Fairmead
Clean it up

Fairmead Clean Up Day - 23 August 2017

An amazing transformation has taken place last week at the Fairmead Estate in Melton. Around 250 properties benefited from a joint clean up operation called 'Fairmead Clean Up Day' to help clear the area of rubbish.

Local residents (including many families living in the area and their children) got involved, the Community Safety Team, Waste Management Team, The Police (including the Police Cadets) and Supporting Leicestershire Families Team.

The event took place on Wednesday 23 August and officer Awf Alali said: "Thank you so much for all those who contributed to the success of the Fairmead Clean Up Day. It was a good community event and many local residents turned up and took part in different cleaning duties and it was also good to see children actively picking up litter and helping in the campaign.'

Awf visited the estate to assess the impact of everyone's hard work yesterday and added: 'This event has had such a positive impact on the neighbourhood. Apart from empty and tidy back gardens, there was a good boost to the residents’ feelings of preserving their neighbourhood and being part of the process by keeping their area clean and tidy (they asked for more similar days!)'.

The incentive was part of wider need in Melton to address littering problems, which can occur for any number of reasons.

If people feel no sense of ownership for their neighbourhood or if they see litter already accumulated and think a little more will not matter, the problem can quickly escalate. Therefore, the campaign on Wednesday helped residents to clear up a lot of the items in their back gardens and in their front yards and also in making the whole area look clean and tidy.  

Clear up of Fairmead estate




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