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Council commission LGA Peer Challenge 

Published Thursday, 23rd November 2017 Edd de Coverly and Joe Orson

Leader Cllr Joe Orson and new Chief Executive, Edd de Coverly of Melton Borough Council,

have kicked off their partnership by inviting the Local Government Association (LGA) to undertake a Peer Challenge of the council. 

The Peer Challenge is part of the LGA’s sector led improvement programme which it offers free of charge to local authorities.  The review is designed to compliment and add value to a council’s own performance monitoring by acting as critical friends and supporting them to ensure the most effective response to local priorities and issues.

A team of five local government representatives from a number of different councils will visit Melton Borough Council over three days starting on 11 December and use their expertise and knowledge of local government to reflect on the information they gather.  The team will meet with council representatives, external partners and other stakeholders through one to one interviews, meetings and focus groups as well as reviewing core documents and practices.  The review will include a focus on leadership, governance, corporate capacity and financial resilience. 

Leader of the Council, Cllr Joe Orson said 
“This will be a robust external health check of the council which will let us know what we are doing well while providing us with areas of improvement that we can focus on.  Given the recent changes in the leadership of the council, we consider now is a good time to commission the LGA Peer Challenge to support us in providing strategic vision and direction for the future. We look forward to publishing the outcome in the New Year.” 


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