Melton Borough Council

Melton Local Plan to progress with modifications 

Published Tuesday, 24th April 2018

Melton Borough Council has received news from the Planning Inspectorate about its Local Plan.

The Inspector, Ms M Travers, is suggesting a package of Main Modifications she believes necessary to make the Plan sound. Ms Travers has reached her conclusions having presided over a 2 week Examination in February in which she heard from many interested parties who argued for and against many aspects of the Plan, and having visited sites and locations that had featured in the Hearings 

The Modifications she is suggesting include:
•    A ‘stepped’ approach to housing delivery in recognition that levels of building will not significantly increase in the early years after adoption of the Plan until the new housing starts to come forward from both of the sustainable neighbourhoods; 
•    More specific monitoring and review processes to check the progress of the Plan and measures to be taken if housing and infrastructure is not provided as expected;
•    Allowance for housing sites already identified in Neighbourhood Plans which have completed Examination to be treated in the same way as those in the Local Plan;
•    The addition of a housing site at Hoby Rd, Asfordby; 
•    The deletion of a housing site at Sandpit Lane, Long Clawson;
•    Stronger requirement to mitigate the impact of the South Sustainable Neighbourhood and Distributer Road on the St Mary and St. Lazarus Hospital Scheduled Ancient Monument near Burton Lazars. 
•    Stronger guidance on when unallocated sites will be permitted, related to them having to prove need otherwise unfulfilled; 
•    Clearer guidance on how the Council will continue to support and work alongside Neighbourhood Plan Groups to help to get Neighbourhood Plans adopted.;
•    Stronger emphasis on what will be done to improve retailing in Melton Mowbray Town Centre;
•    Clarification on what contributions will be sought from development to expand schools (where necessary).

Cllr Leigh Higgins, Deputy Leader of Melton Borough Council, commented:

"The Council is pleased to hear from the Inspector and welcomes her suggested Main Modifications. These, together with a schedule of Minor Modifications and changes to the Policies Map being proposed by the Council, will now be the subject of 6 weeks consultation which we are arranging at present. Many issues were contested at the Examination and we are pleased that the Main Modifications proposed are limited in their number and significance. When complete the Local Plan will provide certainty for communities regarding how planning applications will be assessed"

The consultation on Proposed Main Modifications and other matters is planned to run for 6 weeks from 10th May 2018 and further publicity will be arranged to support this


For more information please contact:

J Worley
Head of Regulatory Services
Melton Borough Council
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