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New direction and governance for Melton Borough Council

Published Tuesday, 15th May 2018

Following an extraordinary meeting of Full Council on May 8th, a set of recommendations were approved which will help reset the direction of the Council.

These recommendations will provide greater clarity on its priorities, reconfirm the type of organisation it wants to be and streamline the way in which it  makes decisions.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Joe Orson said: “We are modernising and resetting the direction of the council to ensure it better reflects the agenda in 2018 and the issues we are currently grappling with. This reflects greater recognition of our efforts to tackle the low wage economy, increase housing availability and boost the profile of the area to encourage tourism whilst also incorporating our ambition to become more commercial and an employer of choice.”

The Council has a new Corporate Mission; this sets out why an organisation exists, and what its purpose is. The Council’s new Mission is: Helping people. Shaping places.

In addition to this, the Council also has a refreshed Corporate Vision: this sets out in broad terms what the Council wants to achieve on behalf of the community. The new Corporate Vision is:

“We are ambitious for Melton’s future. We want to enhance the quality of life for everyone by enabling more homes to be built, attracting quality jobs and supporting strong and prosperous communities.”

The Council also approved a new Corporate Delivery Plan following a review of projects and activities and subsequent prioritisation exercise, it has been agreed that the main focus of work up to 2020 will be divided into three Priority themes: People, Place and Organisational.

These will include:

  • Creating a new Town and Place Partnership to help boost tourism and increase inward investment.
  • Establishing a council owned housing company to support both our commercial and our social ambitions.
  •  Exploring options for more investment in Melton’s Cattle Market.
  •  Increasing our capacity and capability to tackle environmental issues, anti-social behaviour and nuisance.
  •  Improving our approach to supporting customers and meeting their needs.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Joe Orson said: “I am delighted we have been able to set such a bold agenda and by managing the council’s finances prudently we have been able to commit additional resources to support our ambitions to create a more attractive environment.”

The Council have also refreshed its Corporate Values. These are designed to be recognisable today but also to create a driver for change and a statement on the type of organisation the Council wants to become. Where the Corporate Delivery Plan sets out the Council’s new direction, the new Values set the way in which they will work to achieve them.

These Values are:

We Care: Valuing others and developing ourselves; committed and passionate about what we do.

We Innovate: Ambitious, creative and resourceful; responding positively to challenges.

We Achieve: Taking responsibility and seeking excellence; always proud to serve.

We are Melton.

Following the Local Government Association Peer Challenge held in December 2017, a report and list of recommendations together with an Action Plan, was accepted by Full Council on 22nd February 2018. One of the recommendations was to improve the Council’s governance and decision making arrangements in order to streamline the existing committee structure to enable more efficient and effective decision making.:

4 policy committees have been replaced by 3 new committees which relate to the alignment with the corporate delivery plan and the new corporate structure. The 3 new policy committees are:

Corporate Committee; Place Committee; People Committee

There will also be a reduction in the number of task and working groups with the only ones remaining being Joint Staff Working Group and Melton Local Plan Working Group.

The Council’s leader, Councillor Joe Orson said: “At a time when local government finances are under such pressure, it is imperative that we increase not only the efficiency of our services but also the way in which the democratic function operates.  We have developed a smarter, more streamlined approach to governance and will deliver a saving of up to £10,000 every year in taking these steps.  This is only the first phase and we will continue looking at how we can improve what we do and increase the value for money we offer our residents.”




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