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Melton Borough Council awards new waste collection and street cleaning contract

Published Thursday, 7th June 2018 Photo of the signing of the new waste contract with Biffa

After a significant and robust procurement process, Melton Borough Council is pleased to announce that a new waste and street cleaning contract has been awarded to Biffa.

The new 10 year contract will commence on 1st October 2018.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Joe Orson said:

“We are absolutely delighted to award Biffa the new waste and street cleaning contract with Melton Borough Council. I am pleased that we have been able to ensure that weekly collections are maintained.  The new contract results in an annual saving and with an enhanced recycling offer will be a great asset to the Borough not only ensuring that we remain at the forefront of recycling but that we also remain in budget. There will be enhanced digital technology to improve services to the residents.  What’s also great is that our recycling will now be processed within Leicestershire rather than travelling to the West Midlands so we have a reduced carbon footprint. It really is all excellent news for Melton.”

Biffa has rich experience delivering municipal waste services to local authorities and is leading the sector by achieving some of the highest recycling rates in the UK and delivering industry-lead safety performance.

New refuse collection vehicles have been ordered fitted with 360 degree cameras. This enables more effective monitoring of service quality ensuring both high standards and safe working practices are maintained at all times for the benefit of Melton residents. Enhanced digital technology will allow for the monitoring of the fleet and optimisation of routes thus reducing fuel and allowing additional savings to be realised. The Council’s customer service team will have real time updates about service progress helping them provide better advice and support to residents who need it.

Together with the good news that alternate weekly collections will remain in place, the waste contract will now offer enhanced separate recycling collection of textiles and small electrical items from October which is expected to increase the Borough’s already excellent recycling rate of 48%.  Garden waste collections will continue through Biffa’s Green Waste Club with a price freeze for the first year.

Alongside waste collection, the street cleaning service will also be improved with crews again utilising the latest technology for real time reporting of incidents like fly-tipping and graffiti via hand held computers, ensuring quicker and more effective response.

The new contract is expected to deliver in excess of £400,000 worth of savings, reducing the pressure on budgets and minimising the risk of cuts to other Council services.

An information pack will be provided to residents ahead of the start of the new contract in October detailing any changes more thoroughly. This may include a change to some collection days from October.





For more information please contact:


Name:  Hazel Paterson -  Communications Officer

Melton Borough Council

Telephone: 01664 504294



Additional Information :

An infographic detailing the new waste contract can be downloaded here.

Present in the photograph from left to right:

Simon Baddeley - Development Director, Biffa

Matt Spikings - Business Manager, Biffa

Roger Edwards - Managing Director, Biffa

Raman Sevlon - Waste and Environmental Maintenance Manager, Melton Borough Council

Joe Orson - Leader of the Council, Melton Borough Council

Edd de Coverly - Chief Executive, Melton Borough Council

Victoria Clarke - Environmental Protection and safety Manager, Melton Borough Council