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Council employee receives 40 years long service award

Published Thursday, 14th June 2018 Photo of the Mayor and Melton Bough Council Chief Executive with David Jordan

Long standing council employee, David Jordan has received an award for 40 years service with Melton Borough Council.

David was presented with a long service award and gifts by the Mayor, Councillor Pru Chandler, at an event attended by his family and fellow employees of the council.

The Mayor said: “I am delighted to recognise David’s long service with the Council. In presenting this long service certificate I would like to thank David for the years of hard work which have genuinely benefitted the Council and the residents of Melton Borough.”

David first started working at the council on 13th June 1978 at the Scalford Road Depot, where he stayed for 14 years. During this time he worked as a temporary gardener, where every morning he loaded up his wheelbarrow of tools and spent the day working on the town’s shrub borders.

From gardening, David moved on to cover street cleaning, pushing a cleaning barrow around the town, this is where he spent most of his fourteen years in this department. David also covered dust cart and Cattle Market duties.

When the street cleaning section went out to contract, David took up a position at the new public conveniences that were being built in the town.

Reflecting on his 40 years with the Council David said: ”I was only supposed to be working here a few months so considering I’ve done 40 years it’s not bad going! I’ve seen so many changes over the years around the town, especially with the market. It’s nice to be recognised for my work, it shows that the Council really cares about its employees.”





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