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How Councillors make decisions – tell the Council what you think

Published Friday, 21st September 2018

The Council has been going through a period of change following a Peer Review by the Local Government Association.

In February 2018, the Council considered a Corporate Peer Challenge report which was put together by a team of peer representatives from different Councils and highlighted areas of good practice and recommendations for how the Council can improve moving forward.

Councillor Joe Orson, the Leader of the Council said: ‘Making decisions is the most important thing the Council does and we want to get it right and for people to feel assured that decision-making is robust and transparent.  Councillors must be accountable for their actions and this review of our governance arrangements provides a good check and balance of how the Council should proceed in the future.  The public’s view will help Councillors in coming to the right decision on this fundamental area of the Council’s work and I urge everyone to have their say.”

One of the aspects of the review was the effectiveness of the Council’s governance arrangements. Since the Peer Review, Councillors have been on a journey of reviewing how the Council makes decisions and how it can be more open and accountable to residents and stakeholders.

As part of this process the Council is keen to hear from residents about their views on the way decisions are made. 

A survey is available on the Council’s website and is open until 4 October 2018, the results will be available by 21 November 2018.

Please go to to fill in the survey.



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