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Melton’s new waste contract comes into effect with enhanced recycling service

Published Wednesday, 17th October 2018
MBC refuse lorries with Joe Orson
Leader of the Council Joe Orson with the waste and recycling collections team

On October 1st 2018 Biffa commenced their new waste contract with Melton Borough Council.

The new contract means there are a number of improvements to the service for Melton Borough residents. There is a new fleet of vehicles fully equipped with 360 degree cameras that enable more effective monitoring of service quality, ensuring both high standards and safe working practices are maintained at all times for the benefit of Melton residents. The Council’s customer service team will have real time updates about service progress helping them provide better advice and support to residents who need it.

In addition to safer, more efficient vehicles and optimised routes, the service now operates an enhanced recycling service with textiles and small electrical items being taken alongside the regular recycling collection. This includes items such as clothing, curtains, bed sheets, blankets and towels. They will not accept duvets, pillows, cushions, shoes, rugs and carpets.  Residents are asked to place their textiles in a standard sized carrier bag next to their brown bin before 7:30am on the day of your recycling collection.

Small electricals include items such as toasters, kettles, radios and hairdryers. They will not take low energy lightbulbs, TV screens and computer monitors or anything that does not fit into a standard sized carrier bag. For a full list please visit the council’s website at Please do not mix your textiles and electrical items in the same bag. Please do not put any recyclable items into black bags as they cannot be recycled and won’t be collected.

Joe Orson, Leader of the Council said: “Here in Melton we have an above average recycling rate of 48%  and this new enhanced service improves upon this. We do however unfortunately suffer from contaminated loads which costs the council dearly and takes funds away from other essential services. It’s really important that residents ensure that no contaminated items are in their recycling and we can therefore increase our recycling rate and help benefit our environment by avoiding more waste going to landfill.”

Putting the right things in the right bin is important, when the wrong materials are put into the recycling bin such as nappies or food left in containers, this is called contamination. When contaminated loads of recycling are found, it can potentially result in the whole load being sent to landfill, which spoils the efforts residents have made to recycle and costs the council money.

Top 5 tips to help reduce contamination in your bin:

  1. The most common contaminants are disposable nappies, black sacks, food, textiles, garden waste, black plastics (ready meal trays, meat packaging and any other black coloured plastic containers) these are not accepted in your brown recycling bin.
  2. Black plastic food containers cannot be recycled, please put black plastic into your black bin.
  3. Remove all scraps of food and rinse all containers.
  4. Check before to see if the item is suitable for recycling:
  5. If in doubt, place in your black bin.


For more information please contact:

Hazel Paterson - Communications Officer

Melton Borough Council

01664 504294