Melton Borough Council

Council Tax discounts - public consultation

Published Wednesday, 5th December 2018

Leicestershire County Council is increasingly focusing on Council Tax collection across the Districts as a result of financial pressures.

As a result, District and Borough Councils in Leicestershire are reviewing their discretions with regard to Council Tax Discounts, as a means for increasing potential revenue. 

Melton Borough Council invited residents to review the proposed changes by reviewing the consultation document and completing a short online survey.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Joe Orson said: “Melton Borough Council is always looking for ways to support those who are most vulnerable in our communities, alongside ensuring as many properties in the borough are ready for occupation. The proposed changes to Council Tax charging from April 2019 assist the Council in meeting the financial challenge whilst also supporting the needs of potentially vulnerable residents and dis-incentivising long term empty properties which can cause a blight on our environment.”

Melton Borough Council recognises the need for greater availability of housing within the borough, and through its new Local Plan and work to support sustainable development is working hard to ensure an increase in housing availability. Properties which lie empty for a significant period of time impact on this availability, they are also often a magnet for anti social behaviour and a detriment to the local community, particularly those which have been unoccupied for over a year.

To address this, Melton Borough Council has recently consulted the public regarding the removal of Council Tax discounts for owners of unoccupied properties and those requiring significant renovation, alongside an increase to the Empty Homes Premium for long term empty properties. National evidence shows that these actions can significantly reduce the length of time a property lies empty and speed up renovation timescales to allow them to return to the housing market.

Following the consultation period, the Council will discuss these changes to Council Tax collection on 12th December 2018.

In recognising the need to also support our most vulnerable residents, Council will also discuss a full reduction in Council Tax liability for care leavers who are eligible to pay Council Tax, up to the age of 25. If agreed, the reduction will be applied from 1st April 2019 and will help these residents to live independently after their time in a care setting.


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