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Council launches new Fire Safety Policy  

Published Monday, 4th February 2019

Melton Borough Council approved a commitment for additional resources and a new Fire Safety Management Policy at its Corporate Committee on Wednesday 30 January 2019.

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, fire safety has been a priority for all councils including  Melton Borough Council who have made the issue of improving the overall quality of their housing stock a key focus. Over the last year the Council has been intensifying its efforts in this area. A small fire at the Council owned Rutland Street complex in May 2018 demonstrated how important it is for the Council to have the best possible protection in place at all its buildings.

Cllr Joe Orson, Leader of the Council said

‘This Rutland Street incident has been a real catalyst in sharpening the Council’s focus on fire safety management. The new leadership takes the fire safety risk very seriously, especially in our supported and sheltered housing schemes with our most vulnerable tenants. We have already invested additional resources in 2018 and the approval of the Fire Safety Management Policy and the establishment of further officer resources is another key step forward in demonstrating the Council’s commitment towards this issue.’

A range of improvements have been put in place and more are underway to ensure residents, tenants, staff and visitors to all council owned properties remain informed and protected against the risk of fire. Additional investment has been put in place with two new Housing Officers have recently been appointed to provide regular estate inspections while following the Corporate Committee decision, a new Compliance Officer role will be created to manage safety in all council properties.

Over the last year the Council has already been commissioning more robust and detailed Fire Risk Assessments and is working closely with Fire Protection Officers from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) to improve  fire safety for three blocks in Melton;  Chapel Street, New Street and Mapperley House. As a result action plans have been developed and improvement works for these blocks are well underway and are anticipated to be completed by early April.

Representatives of Council Tenants, the Tenants Forum Executive Committee (TFEC) have been instrumental in the creation of a new Fire Safety Management Working Group consisting of members of TFEC, Councillors and council officers. This will work under the Tenant Compact which has been in place for many years and describes how the council and tenant’s work together.

John Skerritt, the chair of TFEC said:

“On behalf of tenants I welcome the improved focus on fire safety and acknowledge the hard work the Council has carried out since the Rutland Street Fire last May. This Group will oversee implementation of fire safety and mobility scooter policies as well as ensuring good engagement and communication with tenants who are going to be affected”

Carol Graap, a town centre member of TFEC said:

“I welcome the Council’s work on fire safety and look forward to working with them to resolve the needs of residents, particularly those with mobility issues, making sure there is good communication and engagement with the residents affected.”



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