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More children in Melton are being physically active thanks to key investment in health and wellbeing

Published Monday, 20th January 2020 Photo of a group of children smiling

The latest survey into physical activity levels in children has shown that more children in Melton are being physically active.

There is also a significant decrease in the number of children who are doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week compared to this time last year.

The latest Active Lives Children report has been published by Sport England, which provides an updated overview of sport and physical activity levels in the 12 months from May 2018 to May 2019, in which data is used in comparison to previous years.

Key highlights for the Borough include:

  • Melton’s activity levels for children (Year 1-11) is 52.4% (England average is 46.8%) who are meeting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) recommended physical activity guidelines (150+ minutes of physical activity a week). An amazing increase of 14.1%, compared to this time 12 months ago.
  • Melton’s activity levels for children (Year 1-11) is 27.0% (England average is 29.0%) who are not undertaking at least 30 minutes of physical activity a week. A significant increase of 11.5% of children moving from the inactive criteria to the fairly active/active criteria.

Councillor Alan Pearson, the portfolio holder for Housing and Communities said: “It is fantastic news that the children of Melton Borough are being encouraged to lead healthier lifestyles at home and at school, by becoming more physically active. Exercise is an important part of our daily lives; it helps our mental wellbeing and happiness as well as our physical fitness. Increased physical activity also has a positive impact on children’s learning ability, showing improvements in their reading and writing skills. Over the past couple of years we have invested extra resources into our Sports and Leisure team in order to address these issues in our communities and these headlines are a really positive indication of how they are contributing to the Physical Activity & Health Strategy of; inspiring more people, to be more active, more often’This year, we aim to continue building on these excellent results and will work with partners to increase physical activity in our communities, making Melton a happier, healthier Borough.”



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