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Melton Borough Council’s award winning Me and My Learning service is visited by the High Sheriff of Leicestershire

Published Monday, 3rd February 2020
photo of High sherriff visit to phoenix house
From left: Keith Aubrey, Aysha Rahman, Cllr Malise Graham MBE, High Sheriff Tim Hercock, Sara Hercock and Laura Swift


Tim Hercock, the High Sheriff of Leicestershire and Cllr Malise Graham MBE, the Mayor of the Borough of Melton, were invited to visit Melton Borough Council’s case-managed support service at the Phoenix House building in Melton Mowbray.

 During the visit the Mayor and High Sheriff were able to meet staff from the council and other agencies and learn about the important work that is undertaken at Phoenix House, for the local community.

Tim Hercock, the High Sherriff of Leicestershire said “This visit has been fascinating, for me what is brilliant is that Melton has got something special here, something that is one of the best in the country. The aim is to look after the community and the people within it. If we don’t look after the most vulnerable people we can never build a better and stronger community. The fantastic thing shown here is we all benefit from making other peoples lives better. The staff here, at Phoenix House, have an outstanding commitment to the community and the individuals they deal with, and the inspiration they provide is absolutely brilliant, you just feel uplifted by coming to visit.”

The services hosted by Melton Borough Council at Phoenix House have transformed the way in which support services are provided in Melton Mowbray, particularly to vulnerable people who face multiple barriers. The multi agency approach enables people facing multiple barriers to work with a range of service providers in a managed and coordinated way, ensuring service providers complement one another and achieve maximum impact from their intervention. 

Phoenix House supports people to become digitally, financially and socially independent. The services provide an individual, agreed, holistic and co-ordinated journey to independence, it brings partner organisations together under a single co-ordinated “umbrella” and supports people to move into sustainable employment.

Cllr Malise Graham said “I am always greatly impressed by the work that the partnership at Phoenix House do to help the community and individuals in Melton. Although as a Councillor you view the Borough as a whole, the real satisfaction comes from helping the individual. Any one of us can fall on tough times and feel vulnerable for numerous reasons at any time, it is a credit to the highly dedicated, professional  and non-judgemental way that the team at Phoenix House works, that they are able to help so many regain their confidence and get their lives back together again.”

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