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Superfast Leicestershire

Published Friday, 28th March 2014 Superfast broadband logo

Superfast Leicestershire is a project to bring fibre broadband to as many premises in Leicestershire as possible.

It is a partnership between the county council, the district and borough councils, economic bodies, and voluntary and charity organisations who want to achieve this.

Melton Borough Council are contributing £360k towards this project with the remaining funding coming from Leicestershire County Council (£4m), Government (£3.3 million) and £1.2 million from the European Union. BT is also contributing £8.3 million towards the overall cost of the Superfast Leicestershire deployment.

The existing commercial roll-out will reach more than 75% of Leicestershire premises across the county by the end of January 2016. Most of these premises, mainly delivered by BT and Virgin Media, will be connected much sooner than this. That means you could already have access to fibre broadband through the commercial roll-out, whereas the Superfast Leicestershire roll-out will connect the premises which the commercial roll-out haven’t been able to reach. (Perhaps because the areas are too remote and it doesn’t make financial sense for private companies to install fibre broadband).

It is currently anticipated that across Leicestershire fibre broadband will reach nearly 94% of homes and businesses by the spring of 2016. That’s more than 54,000 additional premises connected through this project. Within Melton that’s 7,399 premises.

In addition to Superfast Leicestershire’s commitment to extend superfast broadband, the contract with BT will ensure all premises have access to at least 2Mbps. It is currently being explored how superfast broadband can be delivered into these areas and connect even more premises.

Everyone within Leicestershire can benefit from this project as it helps to grow Leicestershire’s economy over the coming years; it is anticipated investment in superfast broadband could generate £92m of economic growth by 2021. Superfast Leicestershire will work with local communities as well as help small businesses to adopt technologies and grow.

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