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Council approve new Corporate Strategy 2020-2024, Budget and Council Tax 2020/21 

Published Thursday, 27th February 2020

Melton Borough Council approved the Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 at the meeting of the Council on Wednesday 26 February 2020. 

The new Strategy is set to come into effect at the start of April, and sets the Council’s focus and aspirations over the next 4 years.

About the approval of the new Strategy, the Leader of the Council, Joe Orson, said:

“I am delighted that the Council’s Corporate Strategy 2020- 2024 has been approved.  
We aim to ensure Melton prospers, benefitting those who live here and attracting others to visit and invest. The needs of our community are at the heart of our Strategy and we believe it will successfully work towards addressing the challenges facing both our community and the Council over the next 4 years.

We consulted on the proposed Strategy during December 2019 and January 2020 and received positive feedback on our new priorities and key investment decisions.  We remain committed to listening to feedback from our community, in order to ensure our priorities are representative of the community we serve.

The new Strategy is vital in creating a clear focus for the Council. The Strategy is built upon a new vision, priorities and key investment decisions, and we are confident that this will guide us in shaping a better future for Melton.”

At the meeting, Melton Borough Council also formally ratified its Council Tax for 2020/21, following the setting of its budget. The 2020/21 budget has been prepared based on the Council’s new Corporate Strategy. It allows for an overall increase in Council Tax of £5 per year across all council funds, in line with the Government’s referendum limit. Growth and investment in housing, enforcement and service improvement is proposed in line with the new Strategy, but through redirecting resources and anticipated additional income and efficiencies delivered, it is proposed that there will be no draw on reserves to fund ongoing expenditure.

Since 2015 Melton Borough Council has seen a 41% reduction in main grant funding from central government.  In order to help rural councils, such as Melton, manage the cuts in grant, the Government is allowing them to increase their average Council Tax by up to the referendum limit of £5 per year to support the continued delivery of key services; this is an increase of just under 10p per week in an average Band D property.

As a result of funding reductions the council has seen its reserves depleted due to the need to invest in key areas and deliver its capital programme, but the position has stabilised, with the budget for 2020/21 being a balanced one with no draw on reserves to fund ongoing expenditure. The government are also undertaking a Fairer Funding Review around how councils are funded in the future which could have a further significant impact on the council’s financial position moving forward. The council will also continue to explore opportunities to become more commercial as a way of helping to become more self-sufficient.

More information will be available when the new Corporate Strategy officially launches in April. 


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