Melton Borough Council

All Council Tax bills in the Melton Borough are showing a 3.1% increase for the LCC element of the 2018/19 bill. The bill should show a 3.0% increase.

The error has occurred with the percentage comparison of the LCC elements in the 2018/19 bill with the 2017/18 bill. Please be assured that the charges within the bill are correct.

Successful first Community Forum

Published Thursday, 9th October 2014

We successfully held our first local Community Forum on Tuesday 7th October.

The Community Forum is an open public meeting for all residents, businesses and community groups in the Borough who want to help shape and improve the locality. It is an opportunity for local people to meet with councillors and officers of the Council to have a discussion about important issues affecting the local area.

Previously Community Forums were hosted by Leicestershire County Council however as part of a planned review of services, funding for the Forums was cut.

The Council asked people in early September to identify topics for discussion and submit them via the new website. Suggestions included issues around community transport, housing and planning, Melton town centre shops, superfast broadband, car parking and councillor allowances. The questions raised by the local people were put to councillors for response and debate on the evening.

Cllr Byron Rhodes, Leader of the Council said

“I am pleased with the attendance and involvement of our local citizens at this, our first Community Forum. The matters raised were topical and reflect well the concerns of our residents and local business. The feedback on the night was positive and there is an appetite for these Community Forums to continue. We will aim to hold two forums a year with the next one proposed for early March.”

Any one wishing to be kept advised about the Melton Community Forum can sign up for e-notifications