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Melton Mowbray Transport Studies confirm case for major road improvements

Published Monday, 16th March 2015 development plan

We have been working with Leicestershire County Council & consultants Jacobs to look at the traffic issues in Melton Mowbray.

Melton Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council have been working with consultants Jacobs to look at the traffic issues in Melton Mowbray and the effect that possible development sites could have on the roads and junctions in and around the town. 

The planning system requires Councils to consider in full the impact of development together with any other potential developments and look for solutions to the problems the developments will create. 

This first stage of transport work provides statistics that show how severely a number of junctions in and around the town centre are already heavily congested.  It shows that if the sites being suggested are built, totalling approximately 2500 new homes, these junctions and approaches to them would exceed their capacity which would result in severe delays beyond acceptable levels.

The work analyses in detail the amount of traffic passing through the town, moving around it and entering and leaving it daily.  It also looks into the routes that traffic is taking and measures the amount flowing in and out of each of the arterial routes that link Melton to Nottingham, Grantham, Oakham and Leicester, showing that Leicester has the strongest influence and Nottingham Rd- Burton Rd is the busiest through traffic route. It suggests all forms of traffic are expected to grow over the next 20 years and measures which reduce the need and distance to travel particularly across the town centre will need to be considered.  It also suggests that there will be a growing need to provide improved links between the north and south of the town.

Further studies have been received which examine the source of the traffic. This separates through traffic (18%) from internal traffic and also measures the proportion of traffic that is HGV’s.  

These studies are vital to establish what impact various improvements will make and to prove that a comprehensive solution is required rather than incremental changes.

Byron Rhodes,  Leader of the Council said: 

“The work confirms in technical evidence what many of us have known for a while.  It is very welcome because decisions we make have to be based on evidence rather than opinion or perception. The studies show that for the town to grow in a sustainable way, significant investment will need made in transport infrastructure.  The funding for this infrastructure will need to come from developers as well as other sources such as Central Government. 

This work will help us make some the decisions that need to be taken in the Local Plan but  also assists  in assessing the impact of the planning applications which are coming forward before the Local Plan is in place.

The next stages of the transport work will look in detail at what the options are and how beneficial each will be. These measures will need to be financed and implemented in stages to ensure the town can continue to grow sustainably to meet the need for new homes and jobs. “

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