Melton Borough Council

The Mayor of Where?!

Published Wednesday, 17th June 2015

The new mayor of Melton, Cllr Jeanne Douglas, took part in the BBC Radio 1 game called "The Mayor of Where" which was broadcast on Wednesday 17th June at 16:40.

Cllr Douglas was elected mayor on the 21 May 2015 and within her first month joined radio show host, Greg James on his afternoon radio show where the presenters have to guess where the special guest mayor is from. 

Cllr Douglas said – “They only gave me a day’s notice but I was thrilled to be asked.  They asked me first what would be on the front of a postcard from our area  and I said a church and an old restaurant which got them thinking.  On the fourth question they asked if we had a local produce and not trying to give the game away too soon I said we were the Rural Capital of Food but they pressed me to name something so I first said Stilton Cheese. They did manage to guess I was from Melton Mowbray in the end when I said pork pie,  it was great fun to take part. “