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Consultation opens for Developer Contributions SPD

Published Thursday, 8th August 2019

A new scoping report for the fourth Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been published for consultation.

The consultation period for the SPD will start on the 1st September where residents can have their say about how the Borough can benefit from future developer contributions, leading to possible improvements in infrastructure including education, leisure and open spaces. 

Melton Borough Council has begun the process to provide more guidance to developers and stakeholders involved in the negotiation of developer contributions. A Developer Contribution is a legal agreement between the Council, landowners/developers and/or infrastructure providers to help make a development acceptable in planning terms, that bind parties to providing or contributing funding towards the delivery of infrastructure.

This SPD is intended to have a positive impact on communities within the Borough as it is proposed to ensure that the needs and services required to have great places to live or work are obtained through developer contributions. Whether this is through; the implementation of open spaces, improvements in health and leisure facilities along with the continued partnership with Leicestershire County Council who provide services in education, waste, highways etc.

The Developer Contributions SPD will illustrate council’s priorities and procedures when negotiating what contributions developers will need to make to ensure new developments are sustainable and acceptable.  Therefore this consultation provides an opportunity for residents to provide the council with feedback and opinions on where and what infrastructure they believe is needed. All comments and feedback on the scoping report will be taken into consideration when producing the draft SPD.

In launching the consultation, Councillor Leigh Higgins, the Council’s Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Growth and Prosperity said:

‘Following the adoption of the Local Plan in October 2018, this supplementary document along with other proposed policy documents will provide more detail about how the council will implement a range of infrastructure to support the growth and development of the Borough. This piece of work will strengthen the Council’s ability to negotiate with developers on providing prioritised infrastructure, ensuring the services held in the Borough can be sustainable. Prioritising objectives may be necessary to ensure there is a balanced way in securing the right infrastructure to improve our communities through development. There is only a certain amount of money that can be extracted from the developers for strategic objectives.’

The consultation on the scoping report runs until Sunday 1st September 2019.
The consultation documents and more details about how to have your say can be found on here;

Alternatively, the documents can be viewed at the Council offices and at Melton and Bottesford libraries, where paper copies of the comment forms are also available.  

Comments received during the consultation will be taken into consideration in preparing the draft SPD. Once finalised, council members and officers will take the SPD into account when making a decision on planning applications. 


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