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Demolish a building

If you wish to demolish a building you will need to inform us of this first. 

We can advise whether the demolition of the building, structure or wall requires planning permission or conservation area consent. We also need to agree the details of how you intend to carry out the demolition and how you propose to restore the site afterwards.

If you decide to demolish a building, even one which has suffered fire or storm damage, it does not automatically follow that you will get planning permission to build any replacement structure or to change the use of the site.

Application process

When applying to demolish a building, you must give notice to Building Control a minimum of six weeks prior to the intended start date.

In order for us to process this application you must also provide:

  • a 1:1250 location plan clearly indicating the buildings to be demolished
  • all adjacent properties and existing drainage systems to be sealed
  • a copy of the demolition contractor's method statement indicating safe methods of demolition
  • evidence that a Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos survey has been carried out.

Once receiving your application we may consult Environmental Health / Highways / Planning Departments and the Leicestershire Fire Service.

Within six weeks of receiving this completed application, we will issue a Demolition Notice setting out a number of conditions that have to be complied with during the demolition works necessary to maintain public safety and public amenity.

If your application is approved you should also notify all service providers, such as gas and electric companies by sending them a copy of the notification form and location plan, and arrange with them for their services to be safely disconnected.

Last updated 24 August 2021
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