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Food complaints

Food poisoning

You can make a complaint to us using the form below, but if you suspect you have food poisoning please also see your GP so that they can carry out tests and check whether you need any treatment, as it is easy to become dehydrated. It is also important that we understand the specific type of food poisoning bacteria that has made you ill, and this cannot be done without formal testing.

Food poisoning is a notifiable disease and cannot be confirmed without a positive stool sample, which your GP can arrange if they suspect it. It is difficult to pin point a cause or link to a particular premises without it. Please do not self diagnose! There are many possible causes of feeling ill other than food poisoning, especially viruses; it is often not the last thing that you ate as it can take many days or even weeks to develop.

If you work as a food handler you must not return to work until well, usually at least 48 hours after being free of symptoms.

Allergen and labelling complaints

Complaints about weights and measures issues, including labelling and allergen concerns in a food business should be directed to Leicestershire Trading Standards.

Making a food complaint

Food complaints can be alleging a case of food poisoning, contamination of food or simply to advise of poor standards in a food business. You can use the online form below.

If you are making a complaint you should avoid posting details on social media as this may prejudice any enquiries, though you can of course raise it with the business directly if you wish. Make sure you keep details of what you ate, where it was from and, in the case of restaurants, cafes or takeaways the time it was prepared. If you still have any of the food arrange for it to be bagged, frozen and stored where it can't be contaminated. Please note that without any of the food left we are unlikely to be able to take any enforcement action and any investigation will be limited.

Last updated 17 August 2021
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