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Food hygiene training

Before your business becomes operational and open to the public, you need to make sure your staff have been trained in food hygiene in order to maximise the safety of your food operation.

The Food Standards Agency website contains a lot of helpful information about training providers, the food hygiene certificate and even some safety coaching videos.

Unfortunately, Melton Borough Council are currently unable to offer food hygiene or health and safety training courses. Instead, we recommend you refer to either one of the neighbouring local authorities for details of any courses they are offering, or you look at the various independent training providers, including those online.

Food safety management

Safer Food Better Business

Before your food business begins operating and before your first food inspection, you will need to complete a documented food safety management system. This document will explain the measures and procedures you undertake to ensure that your food business produces food safe to eat.

The Food Standards Agency have produced packs for different kinds of food operations - called Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) to help businesses with their food safety documentation.

They provide information packs for:

  • Caterers
  • Retail
  • Childminders
  • SFBB supplement for residential care homes
  • SFBB for Indian cuisine
  • SFBB for Chinese cuisine
  • Teaching resource for colleges

As well as documenting your food safety management procedures, you must also keep written records of all the suppliers that provide you with food or food ingredients.

Your diary pages should always be kept up to date for your own records and for review by the food inspector during your routine inspection.

Last updated 25 August 2021
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