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Residents' Survey

Residents Survey 2022

As part of our commitment to engage with and listen to the views of our residents and communities, we have asked Marketing Means, an independent research agency, to carry out a survey to find out how satisfied you are with your area as a place to live and the services you receive from us.  

We carried out the last Residents Survey in 2019 and the information that came from this was used as evidence to inform the production of our current Corporate Strategy 2020-2024. The 2022 Residents Survey will follow the same format and methodology used in 2019.

This survey will be sent out to approximately 3,700 selected households across the borough by post and should be completed and returned by 22 July 2022.

Who will receive the survey?

This survey has been sent to a controlled, representative sample of around 3,700 households across the borough. Only one member of the selected household can complete this survey. The person completing the survey can be anyone within the household aged 18 years or over. This cannot be completed by additional households outside of this controlled sample.

When will it take place?

The survey will go out by post from 6 June 2022 and run to the 22 July 2022.

How should it be completed?

You can complete this survey online using the link or QR code provided on your letter or you can complete the hardcopy sent to you in the post (freepost envelope provided).

How should I return my response?

If you have completed this survey online your responses will be sent directly to Marketing Means, who are collating the data on behalf of Melton Borough Council. If you have completed the hardcopy of the survey you received in the post you can return this to Marketing Means using the freepost return envelope provided.

Is the survey anonymous?

Marketing Means will anonymise any data sent back to us in the report. Any contact details provided in the survey for the purposes of future research will be sent back to us separately to any responses to the survey. It will not be possible to identify any individuals from any published report.

How will this be reported?

Once the survey has been completed, Marketing Means will analyse the anonymous results and send these back to us. We will then use the information gathered to assess how our services are performing and to help plan and prioritise for the future.

These results will be published on our website in due course.

For more information please speak to Marketing Means on 0800 849 4019.

Last updated 7 June 2022
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