Council Tax advice and support - COVID-19

If you are concerned about paying your Council Tax we may be able to help you. We will be as flexible as we can. 

Requesting 12 monthly instalments

If you pay your Council Tax in 10 monthly instalments you can request to pay it over 12 months in the financial year instead. The total bill will remain the same, but each instalment will be at a reduced amount. To request this change please email us at using the subject heading "10 monthly instalments (followed by your Council Tax reference number)".

Reschedule instalments

Whether you currently pay by 12 monthly or 10 monthly instalments we can reschedule your payments to be 10 monthly instalments from June to March (usually April to January). The total bill will remain the same. Please note that if you are changing from 12 monthly to 10 monthly instalments each individual payment will increase as a result. To request this change please email us at using the subject heading "REPROFILE (followed by your Council Tax reference number)". 

Please note: We collect Council Tax on behalf of Leicestershire County Council, Fire, Police and Parishes. It is vitally important that you continue to pay your Council Tax instalments so that local services can continue to be provided and vulnerable people in our community can be supported, especially during the current pandemic.

Council Tax Support

The Council Tax Support scheme helps residents most in need. We have an existing scheme which means people who qualify can receive up to a 100 per cent discount on their Council Tax bills.

The Government has also just announced that in light of the coronavirus pandemic, working-age customers receiving council tax support will also get up to another £150 off their council tax bills. If you pay less than £150 a year at the moment, then you will pay nothing. If you currently receive council tax support, this latest reduction will be applied automatically to your account and there is no requirement for an application to be made.

For more advice about issues relating to Council Tax Support, please email or call 01664 502502.

Last updated 26 July 2022
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