A yellow rain warning is in place across Leicestershire and flooding may occur in the borough.

Stay safe and read our flood information and advice to make sure you are prepared.

Maintaining your council home

Damp and mould

Many people have experienced damp and mould in their property at some point. There are multiple measures you can take to prevent damp in your home.

Fire safety

You can find tips on reducing the chances of a fire starting in your home on the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue website

Permission requests

You can ask us for permission to make improvements and alterations to your home. Please contact customer services on 01664 502502 for more information.

Our responsibilities 

As your Landlord, we have certain responsibilities to help you keep your home in a good condition.
As part of this, we will:

  • keep the structure and outside of your home in good repair (windows and outside doors, roofs, drains, gutters and pipes).
  • keep all the installations for supplying you with water, electricity, gas and sanitation facilities in good repair and working order. This does not include:
    • other fixtures and fittings or your own appliances that use water, gas or electricity.
    • any gas, electric or water meters that serve your home (these are the responsibility of the companies who supply the service to you).
  • keep in good repair and working order any heating fittings (including for heating the water) that we have installed in your home.
  • keep all shared areas and items that are our responsibility in a good state of repair (shared entrance doors, staircases and hallways).
  • keep all shared services, such as lighting in corridors and door-entry systems, in good repair and working order.
  • carry out repairs within timescales set by law or within a reasonable time of becoming aware of them.
  • advise you of planned or cyclical maintenance taking place in your home or block, and discuss the project with you before any work is undertaken.
  • make sure we remove our rubbish, building materials and equipment from your home within a reasonable time after carrying out repair work and will try to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Cyclical maintenance

Cyclical maintenance is work to maintain the general condition of the property and some communal fittings. It includes:

  • External redecoration of your house or block of flats
  • Internal decoration of communal areas, for example, stairwells and entrance halls
  • General repairs to boundary lines and paths
  • Checking, repairing and replacing guttering and downpipes.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance is designed to update and replace worn-out parts of your building. It includes:

  • Major repairs to shared areas, for example, paths, steps, communal fences
  • Major repairs to the fabric of the building, for example, repointing or works to renew the damp proof course.
  • Replacement roofs
  • Replacement windows (following surveys from a repairs and maintenance surveyor)
  • Replacing boilers/central heating systems (following surveys by an approved inspector)
  • Replacement kitchens (following surveys from a repairs and maintenance surveyor)
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Car parks and parking spaces

This type of work is planned so there is no defined timescale. We can carry out temporary repairs if appropriate.

Right to Buy

If your property has an active Right to Buy, no repairs will be carried out except emergencies.

Last updated 10 November 2023
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