Tenant and leaseholder engagement

We want to engage with and support our tenants and leaseholders. 

November 2020 the Government released its white paper, ‘The charter for Social Housing Residents’. The white paper aimed to rebalance the relationship between social housing landlords and their tenants and leaseholders. It set out the principles to underpin safe and decent housing, ensuring that tenants and leaseholders are treated with dignity and respect.

We are committed to continually improving the way we deliver our landlord services to our tenants and leaseholders. This commitment has been made through the approval by Cabinet in January 2022 of the Tenant & Leaseholder Engagement Framework.

Collaboration with our tenants and leaseholders will help us to shape our future direction and will be dynamic and transparent; allowing our tenants and leaseholders to influence decision-making and ensures that there is an emphasis on a joint approach. We will be responsive to tenants and leaseholders, by listening to feedback and improving services

The framework will ensure that the voices of our tenants and leaseholders are heard and that they are given the opportunity to engage with officers and councillors, on matters pertaining to their homes and neighbourhoods.

Tenant & Leaseholder Choice (TLC)

Through the Framework we are able to develop a structure which will allow our tenants and leaseholders to participate as much or as little as they want.
September 2021 we delivered our first Tenant Satisfaction Survey for some years and this has enabled us to benchmark our performance against other landlords. The survey showed us that we need to improve in the following areas:

• Repairs and Maintenance (feedback / communication)
• Communications
• Neighbourhood Management

From this survey and the tenant and leaseholder engagement events, held June 2021, we have set up a Tenant and Leaseholder Choice platform, which gives our tenants and leaseholders the option to participate as much or as little as they wish.

A small group of representative tenants and leaseholders who have expressed an interest in active engagement will be known as the "Your Choice Group". These residents will be engaged in a programme of thematic assurance through service improvement assurance groups.

The first of these was held in March 2022 where the group met with officers to discuss and debate the feedback and communication around repairs that have been reported. The presentation and notes can be found below.

The next your Choice session is to be held on Tuesday 29th November 2022, Time to be confirmed at the Council Offices, which will be held both face-to-face. The session will be an interactive one around Independent living.

For further information, or if you wish to join, please confirm your attendance with the Tenant Engagement & Service Improvement Lead on 01664 502502 or email Housingconsultation@melton.gov.uk

The Tenants Forum Executive Committee (TFEC)

We received news before Christmas that your Tenant Forum Group, would be folding at the end of January 2022.

John Skerritt who has been Chair of the Group for over 20 years, decided to stand down. The group has been working on behalf of and the voice of tenants and leaseholders since 1999. The group did many great things for you and worked tirelessly with Officers, to ensure that we were providing good quality landlord services, ensuring that you were living in safe, secure and decent homes.

We would like to say an enormous thank you to the group for all their hard work and giving up their time to act on behalf of you. Their positive input was very much appreciated, and it has helped to shape the new Tenant & Leaseholder Engagement Framework. Some of the members have joined recent Focus Groups and their experience, knowledge and support is truly valued, and we look forward to seeing them and you in future Service Improvement Assurance Groups, which will help to build a more robust landlord service.

Last updated 14 December 2022
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