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Solar panel energy scheme

Register your interest in a fully funded solar powered energy system

We are currently working with energy experts YES Energy Solutions providing advice and guidance to residents wishing to apply for funding for installing solar panels.  You may have received a letter or met one of the other scheme partners, Sycamore Energy Assessors as they door knock in the district.

The scheme enables eligible residents to get up to £10,000* of fully funded home improvements for the installation of solar panels on their roof.

Private or social housing landlords with eligible tenants can also apply to get up to £5,000* towards the cost of home improvements, with landlords required to contribute at least a third of the cost. This means landlords can get up to £7,500 worth of measures installed for a maximum contribution of £2,500.

The project is primarily targeted at those properties with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of E, F & G. To enable this the Government have stated that a maximum of 50% can be rated D. To practically manage this E, F & G will be prioritised and D rated properties will only be included when there are sufficient E,F & G properties to comply with this condition.

*This is capped at 50% (£5,000) for eligible homeowners and £2,500 for rented properties with an EPC rating of D


Are you eligible?

The scheme is targeting homes that are amongst the less energy efficient.

You could be eligible if you:

  • have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D, E, F or G (the local coordinator in your area can check this for you), and
  • have a combined annual household income under £30,000 (gross), or be in receipt of certain benefits or be in a 'target area'
How to find out more or apply

To get involved or check whether they qualify for the scheme, homeowners and landlords should contact their local coordinator. Please call YES Energy Solutions (for Leicester and Leicestershire) on 0330 9126199.  You can also email them direct using the link below. 

Local coordinators can also help you with switching energy provider to save money on your heating bills.

How the scheme is funded

The Midlands Energy Hub (MEH) received a total of £59.95 million of Government funding as part of Phase 2 of the Local Authority Delivery scheme (LAD 2).  This will run until 31st March 2022. The funding administered by MEH forms part of the £300 million funding allocated to the five Regional Energy Hubs in England by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

LAD 2 operates in a different way to previous Government energy efficiency schemes. Regional Energy Hubs now use local knowledge and regional expertise to identify those households which are most likely to require support, and which would best benefit from energy efficiency upgrades.

We have received approximately £380,000 from the MEH to improve the energy efficiency of homes of low-income households (under £30,000) living in their area. The scheme aims to improve low energy performance certificate (EPC) D to G rated homes. This will deliver progress towards sustainable warmth: reducing household energy bills as well as supporting the phase out of fossil fuel heating and the UK's commitment to net zero by 2050.

In the Midlands, local Councils are delivering schemes with the support of the local coordinators who can help answer questions about the scheme and check eligibility.


How we are notifying households about the scheme

Letters have been sent to a number of local households advising them of the scheme and inviting them to find out more.  We are also publishing information on our website, such as this. 

Last updated 7 October 2021
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