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Support for older residents

Please note: We are continually reviewing the latest information and updates will be made as we become aware of them.

Please use #Here4Melton to let others know about the Community Support Hub (COVID-19).

Those residents who are over 70 are at increased risk of servere illness from coronavirus (Covid-19). Those residents are advised by the Government take particiular care when following the Government's guidance. View the latest guidance on the new national restrictions in England.

Support Helplines

Social distancing can have a negetive impact on mental health. We have a list of orgaisations that offer support for those going through difficult times.

Support helplines

Supporting older residents

If you are supporting others within the community, be sure to follow the guidance on how to help others safely.

Age UK have also developed an advice page on practical ways to help older people.

Want to volunteer in the community? You can sign up below. 

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Dedicated shopping times.

Many local stores are offering special opening hours for those who are more vulnerable and at risk, this includes the over 70's. Use the store locators below to find the most up to date information for your local store. 

Aldi Store locator
Asda Store locator
Iceland store locator
Lidl Store locator
Morrisons Store locator 
Sainsbury Store locator

Tesco Store locator

Please visit our dedicated local business offering delivery services page for additional information.


If you need to contact us for additional support please click below.

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Leicestershire's Community Hub

There is also support avaiable from the Leicestershire Community Hub. This community hub brings together a range of help for people who’ve been identified as being most at risk from coronavirus and are isolating at home – and don’t have support from friends or family. This includes help with:

  • Getting medication
  • Getting food
  • Social care

The hub has been set up by the county and district councils across Leicestershire.

Leicestershire Community Hub

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