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Give a compliment, leave feedback or make a complaint

Give a compliment, leave feedback or make a complaint

** The Council recognises the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation is causing uncertainty and we appreciate your understanding at this challenging time as we endeavour to maintain services whilst protecting our staff and customers.

Please note, in light of the recent outbreak, the Council’s ability to continue to deliver some services to the standards you would normally receive may be impacted.  The Council is having to divert resources away from dealing with complaints and/or information rights work at this time and this means we may not be able provide you with a response within the prescribed timescales.**


The Council is committed to continually improving the quality of, and access to, the services it provides. Getting your feedback is very important to us, whether it's a general comment or observation about a service we provide, a compliment about something we've done well or a complaint about something you're not happy with. 

We are committed to listening to your feedback and acting on what we hear.

We will use your views to look at our services and see how we can continue to build on the good aspects and how we can improve those you feel are not as good as they could be.


For further information please see attached document and the complaints policies:

View our Corporate Comments and Complaints Overview

View our Complaints Policy 

View our Unreasonably Persistent or Vexatious Customer Policy


Feedback, compliments and complaints are part of our Customer Services processes, and the information you give to us is covered by the Customer Services Enquiries Privacy Notice.

Please note that if your complaint is about a data protection matter, this will be referred to the Council’s Data Protection Officer.