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Apply to licence your premises

Premises licences are for places that intend to sell alcohol, have regulated entertainment, or sell food and drink late night on a regular basis, especially where temporary event notices are not suitable. They incur an application fee and an annual fee.

Club premises certificates are for registered clubs that intend to sell alcohol to their members, have regulated entertainment, or sell food and drink late night on a regular basis. They incur an application fee and an annual fee.

If you require an application form in an accessible form, please visit the Premises licence forms page on the government website.

Does my club qualify to apply?

The definition of a qualifying club is as follows:

  • Have a minimum of 25 members 
  • There must be an interval of at least 2 days between a member's nomination/application and their admission 
  • Your club must be established and conducted in good faith

Before completing your club application, please read form 26 - Club premises certificate - guidance for a new application

How to apply

To apply, please complete and return the following:

  • Form 14 - Premises licence - new - application form for premises licence OR
  • Form 27 - Club Premises certificate - new - declaration and application form for club premises
  • If you are selling alcohol, a completed form 7 - Premises licence - designated premises supervisor (DPS) - consent form (you do not need this for club licence applications)
  • A plan of the premises (scale 1:100)
  • Payment of the relevant fee which can be paid using our online payment system (please reference the name of the premises when making payment); by telephone conversation with a Customer Service Advisor; or by cheque payable to Melton Borough Council
  • For club licences, a copy of the club rules
  • A copy of your blue notice - you must also arrange for this to appear in the local newspaper within the first 10 working days of the consultation period (cost approx. £400 -  please note, we have no control over the fee charged)

Please note, the application will not be considered to be served until each of the necessary forms have been fully completed and received by the Licensing Team. The first clear day, following the submission of all of the above, is classed as day 1 of the 28-day consultation period. For example, if documents are received on a Monday, day 1 would be a Tuesday. Once the 28-day consultation period has passed, we will either grant the licence if no representations have been made or convene a hearing of the Licensing Committee, to which you would be invited, to decide the application.

You will also need to:

  • Send a copy of the application to the relevant authorities
  • Immediately place a form 13 - Premises licence - new and variation - blue notice template on your premises and put a copy of that notice in the local newspaper. This must appear in the newspaper within the first 10 clear working days after the application has been submitted, so please check with the newspaper about their publication cut off dates (where possible, we may be able to briefly check your application and blue notice prior to submission).
Existing premises licences - change of name or address

If the Premises Licence Holder or Designated Premises Supervisor has changed their name or address, you will need to complete either form 29 - Premises licence - Change of Licence Holder's Name and/or Address or form 30 - Premises licence - DPS - Change of Name and/or Address, respectively. This incurs a fee of £10.50.

Current licensing applications

You can view a list of current applications on our current licensing applications page.

Last updated 20 September 2021
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